Quand l'art rencontre la technologie

Born from the merger between Richard Orlinski's "Wild Kong" - one of the most sold French artists in the world - and the Kiwi Box universal charging station, Kiwikong is a unique, so decorative object. Thanks to the three loud speakers integrated in the Kong chest, this connected Bluetooth speaker makes it possible to listen to all its favorite pieces on all musical platforms.

Wirelessly designed for more practicality
and aesthetics, the speaker moves and integrates easily into all the rooms of the house or the office.

More than a smart speaker, Kiwikong is also equipped with an induction charger. Just place your smartphone on the speaker base and the charging cycle begins instantly. With an output of 15W power, Kiwikong is able to charge the phone to 100% in less than an hour. For even greater convenience, it is also equipped with two fast- charging USB ports, so that two other smartphones or tablets can be connected simultaneously.

Richard Orlinski has finally designed a real showcase for Kiwikong, the Kong Escape: a practical cabin suitcase to carry KiwiKong on all his travels !




Bluetooth speaker with wireless charger


Size : 37 x 26 x 20 cm

Weight : 2,5 kg


Bluetooth Speaker

2 speakers 8w

1 subwoofer

Battery : 8800mAh

10 meters range


Bluetooth 5.0  

Wireless induction charger: 10W fast charge

Can charge three phones simultaneously

Two USB outputs

Sold with its transport case, instructions and a high power 12V / 3A charging cable


Compatible with all models of smartphones, tablets, MP3 / MP4 equipped with Bluetooth