Kiwikong Gold by Richard Orlinski

+ Black Escape suitcases with golden closure

+ Certificate of authenticity


Bluetooth speaker and wireless QI charger


Decorative speaker born from the collaboration between Richard Orlinski - the best-selling contemporary French artist in the world - and the start-up Kiwibox. Kiwikong is the design piece that was missing from your collection.

Built in an easily recognizable faceted style, the "Wild Kong" statue is the original inspiration of the Kiwikong.


In addition to being a modern decorative object from Pop Art, Kiwikong is also a connected speaker and a QI charger. Designed wirelessly for more aesthetics, it finds its place in all rooms of the house and the office.


The Kong comes with the Kong Escape cabin suitcase: an official accessory designed by the artist with the dimensions of cabin baggage to follow you wherever you go.


Kiwikong Orlinski Gold

  • France : 5 à 10 jours ouvrés 

    International : 10 à 15 jours ouvrés

  • Kong technical characteristics

    Size : 37 x 26 x 20 cm

    weight : 2,5 kg



    Bluetooth Speaker

    2 speakers 8w

    1 subwoofer

    Battery : 8800mAh

    Bluetooth 5.0

    10 meters range



    Wireless induction charging surface

    Fast charging of 10W

    2 USB outputs

    Charge up to 3 devices simultaneously

    1 adaptator AC 12V/3A

    Compatible with all smartphones and tablets brands.